1732, 131 L.Ed.2d 714 (1995). It doesn't matter. They would later find out that she indeed was. After he had spoken to them anyway, she became angry and upset. At her 2000 trial, prosecutors alleged that Gilbert killed her patients to show off to Perrault. Significantly, Gilbert does not state how she was prejudiced by the late disclosure of the voice identification testimony or how it would have changed her defense strategy. Around roughly the same time, the Northampton VAMC was experiencing an increase in the number of fatal heart attacks. No explosive devices were found in the building. A gifted student, Gilbert was a member of the math club and ultimately studied her way into nursing. Log in Join. They were breaking up at the time. The caller's voice sounded the same as the other calls. 00-1810, 00-1893, 00-1902. . Study Resources. [1] On March 27, the judge formally sentenced Gilbert to four consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole, plus 20 years. The official synopsis for the episode reads: Kristen Gilbert seemingly lived a normal life with her husband and two children. Meanwhile, Kristen Gilberts marriage dissolved. According to The Boston Globe, they were observed playing footsie and touching during emergency operations. ix months after Kristen Gilbert began work on the VA Medical Center's evening shift, James G. Perrault, an Army veteran of the Persian Gulf War who had been working as a department store. The former nurse was charged with four counts of first-degree murder. She eschewed the offer of a short continuance and opted instead to put on her own expert out of order. The Court held that the statute at issue in Lopez fell into the third category and could only be sustained as a regulation of an activity that substantially affects interstate commerce, id. When told that Perrault had inquired about her, the neighbor testified that Gilbert became very angry and said, Twit, fucking twit, in what the neighbor described as a deep controlled tone of voice. Get an all-access pass to never-before-seen content, free digital evidence kits, and much more! Copyright 2023, Thomson Reuters. Starting in mid-September Perrault received a number of phone calls at his residence. KRISTEN GILBERT, DEFENDANT, APPELLEE. They almost all occurred in Ward C, the area where Gilbert worked. [9][14] She graduated from the latter with a nursing diploma, becoming a registered nurse in 1988. Perrault believed that the voice on these calls was the same as the one that had made the bomb threat calls. At the trial, prosecutors said she used a large kitchen knife in an assault in Greenfield, Massachusetts in January or February 1988. On January 13, Gilbert called her expert, Christopher Ryan. Apart from parents, Kristen Gilbert also had a younger sister with whom she grew up. Defendant Kristen Gilbert has been indicted on four counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder and six counts of assault with intent to murder, all alleged to have been committed upon patients while she was a nurse at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in Northampton, Massachusetts. There was testimony by two witnesses, a long time friend of Gilbert and Gilbert's ex-husband, that the voice on exhibit 44 was that of defendant. So as far as this trial is concerned, even assuming that the other wrongdoing ever actually occurred, she is not only entirely innocent of that separate misconduct, she has not ever been charged with it. But her plan to derail the investigation did not materialize as she was arrested right after that. Prosecutors said Gilbert threatened the life of at least one person verbally and physically in July 1996. He also noticed that the calls seemed directed at him personally. We affirm. Kristen Gilberts origins were as unremarkable as anything else on the surface of her life. Government of Virgin Islands v. Sanes, 57 F.3d 338 (3d Cir.1995). Kristen estava desenvolvendo uma amizade com James Perrault, um segurana do hospital, e os dois costumavam se socializar com outros trabalhadores no final de seus turnos. Rule 401 defines relevant evidence. James and Kristen became so close that Kristen left her husband for James, but James ended it before it got any more serious. The Ninth Circuit reversed defendant's conviction on the ground that the government had failed to prove that the gold mine was engaged in or affect[ed] interstate commerce. Id. Suspisions Act At some point in this month, Gilbert offers drugs to a nurse who has asthma. Perrault described the telephone voice as staticky, almost like there was a mechanical ring to it. Perrault dismissed the call as a prank. It is believed that Kristen would put her patients in emergency conditions, because hospital security always came rushing at an emergency, so she could show off her nursing skills and flirt with Perrault. Born on May 29, 1991 (age 31) TermsPrivacyDisclaimerCookiesDo Not Sell My Information, Begin typing to search, use arrow keys to navigate, use enter to select, Stay up-to-date with FindLaw's newsletter for legal professionals. The next evidentiary issue is more troublesome. No . Kristen was treated more than 20 times at the hospital for what appeared to be self-inflicted wounds. I did it! Trooper Murphy seized from the trash three empty battery packages for Energizer batteries, two batteries stamped LI54 on the back, and a Thrifty Drug Store receipt showing the purchase of the Energizer batteries. Snapped Notorious: Prescription for Death Airs Saturday, May 12th, Snapped Notorious: Prescription for Death, Charles Cullen, Oxygen dove into the case of Kristen Gilbert during its two-night special, ", after her arrest that as a youngster, She seemed decent and normal - pretty intelligent, sharp.''. When that didn't work, she decided to leave him for Perrault. 404(b). Apparently, her engagement in violent conduct, mischief, and assault had childhood connection since she had earlier assaulted people in Massachusetts an attempted murder previously (Montaldo, 2017). Kristen Gilbert veken t polnknt dolgozott, de gyakran ahelyett, hogy az emberek gygyulst segtette volna, a tlvilgra kldte ket. First Name: Kristen. This isn't a pure other-act type of situation where, for example, the Government would be trying to prove that the defendant engaged in some kind of misconduct two or three years ago and therefore is likely to be guilty or possibly guilty of the charge that she's facing here at this time. at 558, 115 S.Ct. "She was e-mailing her lover while my son was there dying," Julia Hudon said. She certainly had an opportunity to have her expert perform as many tests on it as necessary. On the day of the interview, Gilbert blocked Perrault's car with her car as he attempted to drive out of his driveway. This discovery was confirmed on January 6. Prosecutors said she used epinephrine, a drug that can overstimulate the heart, on all five patients. James Perrault said Kristen Gilbert called him from a hospital psychiatric unit where she was being treated in July 1996 and told him, "I did it. Gilbert declined the continuance but accepted the court's offer to allow her expert to testify out of order. stood trial for calling in a bomb threat to the Leeds VAMC to retaliate against co-workers and her former boyfriend James Perrault who worked at the hospital for . Appellant's Br. On October 1, 1996, Perrault met with investigators and it was agreed that he would call Gilbert when he started his shift on the security desk at 5:00 p.m. Surveillance of a number of pay telephone booths in the vicinity of Gilbert's apartment was arranged for that evening. Prosecutors said that Gilbert tried to poison a patient at the VA hospital on January 28, 1996, and that she caused a medical emergency by removing a patient's breathing tube at the VA hospital on January 30, 1994. She was acquitted of that charge in the case of another veteran, Francis Marier. We hold that the other investigation evidence was properly admitted. it is believed that gilbert would put her patients in emergency conditions, because hospital security always came rushing at an emergency. Nurses filed a formal inquiry in February 1996 based on their suspicions of Gilberts involvement in the deaths of two patients. UNITED STATES, Appellee, v. Kristen GILBERT, Defendant, Appellant. CONCORD, NH - For now, the deadly drug pipeline between Manchester and Lawrence, Mass., has been cut off.. April saw the culmination of a year-long drug investigation by multiple agencies, bringing in a huge haul for law enforcement officials - 45 people arrested in two sweeps netting 30 kilograms (more than 60 pounds) of fentanyl, plus two guns and $500,000 in cash. [1] Kristen Gilbert went on trial in November 2000 for the deaths of Cutting, Skwira and two others, as well as three counts of attempted murder. Kristen Heather Gilbert (born Kristen Heather Strickland, November 13, 1967) is a former nurse and an American serial killer who was convicted of four murders and two attempted murders of patients admitted to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in Northampton, Massachusetts. at 559, 115 S.Ct. . But no one could believe that the smart, controlled, and pretty, young nurse could be capable of murder. We summarize the evidence, omitting the voice identification testimony. This evidence was sufficient without the voice identification evidence for a conviction. Kristen Heather Strickland was born in 1967 and grew up in relative affluence in the Massachusetts suburbs. You should not, as a matter of law and as a matter of fundamental fairness, assume in any way that Ms. Gilbert is or might be guilty of phoning in a bomb threat simply because she happened to fall within the scope of a separate investigation involving something entirely different. Kristen Heather Gilbert (ne Strickland; born November 13, 1967) is an American serial killer and former nurse who was convicted of four murders and two attempted murders of patients admitted to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in Northampton, Massachusetts. movie obituary md dateline crimes deutsch james perrault endocrinologist ubc will denny. She excelled at school and was a member of the math club. [9] In 1986, she enrolled at Bridgewater State College in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. 113), List of serial killers in the United States, List of medical and pseudo-medical serial killers, "Serial Killer Nurse Who Liked 'Thrill' Of Emergencies Murdered Patients To Impress Boyfriend", "MassLive News - Judge fines Gilbert $1.5 million", "Death Penalty Sought for Nurse in Patients' Deaths - Los Angeles Times", "Lawyers Ask Jury To Spare Gilbert's Life, For Sons' Sake - Hartford Courant", "Nurse reportedly has history of violence", "370 F.3d 95 - Nancy CASCONE, Executrix of the Estate of Michele Cascone, Plaintiff, Appellant, v. UNITED STATES of America, Defendant, Appellee", "Nurse Killed 4 Patients for Thrill, Prosecutor Says", "Botched math hinders murder trial | Amarillo.com | Amarillo Globe-News", "An Uninvited Guest: The Federal Death Penalty and the Massachusetts Prosecution of Nurse Kristen Gilbert", "Lawyers Ask Jury To Spare Gilbert's Life, For Sons' Sake", "181 F3d 152 United States v. Kristen Gilbert", "Nurse On Trial For Patient Deaths - ABC News", "Transcript of remarks given by David Hoose at Ehrmann Awards on May 14, 2001", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Kristen_Gilbert&oldid=1133991805, American prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment, People convicted of murder by the United States federal government, Prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment by the United States federal government, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox criminal with motive parameter, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, 1995 1996 (Gilbert is suspected of deaths dating back to 1989), This page was last edited on 16 January 2023, at 13:33. During each incident, Kristen's admirable nursing skills shined which impressed Gilbert took the position at trial that evidence of the other investigation should not have been admitted at all. They also reported that patients without any heart complications or heart diseases were dying from sudden cardiac arrests. Her work at the Northampton VA hospital was rewarding, challenging, and exciting. Epinephrine. Getty ImagesAn undated yearbook photo of Gilbert, the killer VA nurse. The 5:41 p.m. and 5:44 p.m. calls were traced to telephone pay stations at a Citgo gas station and the Daily Hampshire Gazette. Match. Two of the more dramatic witnesses were Gilbert's ex-husband and James Perrault, the policeman with whom she was having an affair at the time of the incidents. Snapped Notorious: Prescription for Death, Kenneth Cutting, 41, and Edward Skwira, 69, as well as three counts of attempted murder, after deliberating for two days according to CBS News. But the case was tried in federal court, where murder can be punishable by death, because the crimes took place on federal property the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Northampton. 2023 www.southcoasttoday.com. As a result of the bomb threat, fifty acutely ill patients were moved by wheelchairs and stretchers from the building containing Ward C and Ward C Annex to another building several hundred yards away. 1994 26 Met James Perrault, a security guard at the hospital, and began an affair with him . Please try again. Words recorded by a woman played back at a lower speed make them sound like a man's voice. For these reasons, Gilbert says that the trial judge should have excluded the identifications in this case. Koenig, the government's witness, testified as to how he had tested the Talkboy for variances in speed and then created a speed corrected tape of exhibit 13 which became exhibit 44. James Perrault was a VAMC police officer who worked the 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. shift at the medical center. The boyfriend, James Perrault, said she once she told him, "I did it! The intrastate telephone call cases are of long standing but like old wine have a pertinent robust taste. Do not speculate about the subject matter of that separate investigation. Janet Knott/The Boston Globe via Getty Images. On October first, it was decided to conduct a surveillance of a number of pay phone booths in the vicinity of Gilbert's apartment. James Perrault worked as a security guard at the same hospital that Kristen worked at. Kristen Gilbert, 33, of Setauket, N.Y., is accused of murdering four patients at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Northampton by injecting them with high levels of adrenaline. But later, Gilbert told him she was only trying to make him angry, Perrault said. Gilbert bent her head and wept quietly as the verdict was read. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. United States v. Melucci, 888 F.2d 200, 203 (1st Cir.1989). Gilbert's second contention is that the voice identifications were unduly suggestive and their admission an abuse of discretion because the witnesses already knew Gilbert's voice but were not given comparisons of tape recordings of other voices. The Act neither regulates a commercial activity nor contains a requirement that the possession be connected in any way to interstate commerce. We review a trial court's Rule 403 balancing test for an abuse of discretion, and only in extraordinarily compelling circumstances will we reverse a district court's on-the-spot judgment concerning the probative value and unfair effect of the proffered evidence. I do want to emphasize a couple points however. He survived the incident, though not without great reservations about his wife. Gilbert later admitted to Perrault that she had used those pay phones, but denied making any of the phone calls in question. Two of the more dramatic witnesses were Gilbert's ex-husband and James Perrault, the policeman with whom she was having an affair at the time of the . A hearing is set for Dec. 7. She also bought several packages of Energizer batteries from a Thrifty Drug Store about an hour after the Talkgirl Jr. purchase. Link your TV provider to stream full episodes and live TV. VA hospital staff members speculated that Gilbert may have been responsible for 350 or more deaths and more than 300 medical emergencies. Gilbert left her apartment eleven minutes before the first bomb threat calls were received at the VAMC. Agent Plante also found a Daily Hampshire Gazette, dated September 27, 1996, on Gilbert's bed that contained an article about the bomb threat. The episode, titled Notorious: Kristen Gilbert, will air on Sunday, January 15 at 9 pm ET. Gilbert was one of the targets of the investigation. She told the clerk from whom she made the purchase that it was a gift for her nephews. We first turn to the interstate commerce-jurisdiction issue. 11-01-1995 27 Perrault rented an apartment in Easthampton, to be closer to Gilbert 11-95 27 Gilbert moved out of her house . She admitted to Perrault that she watched from across the street as the building which the caller said contained three explosive devices was evacuated. We have to remember that Kristen was still married to Glenn Gilbert. As the entire scenario reveals, the case involving Kristen Gilbert did not start after she joined VAMC. Gilbert also argues on appeal that the court erred in not excluding Koenig's testimony on the grounds that it was scientific evidence and did not pass the reliability and validity tests of Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 509 U.S. 579, 590-93, 113 S.Ct. After a few weeks of just flirting back and forth, we were down at the VFW, and after the VFW closed, I walked her out to her vehicle and we had a kiss, said Perrault. On one of those days, she called up her boyfriend, James Perrault, and confessed to the killings. Test. The Talkgirl Jr. could make a woman's voice sound like that of a man. You may hear references to that investigation, and I am therefore permitting you to know of the fact of that separate investigation. Shortly after Lopez was decided the Court issued a per curiam opinion in United States v. Robertson, 514 U.S. 669, 115 S.Ct. A warrant-authorized search was made of Gilbert's apartment during the evening of October 1. Kristen Gilbert (born November 13, 1967 as Kristen Strickland in Fall River, Massachusetts) is an American serial killer who was convicted for three first-degree murders, one second-degree murder, and two attempted murders of patients admitted for care at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in Northampton, Massachusetts. The caller stated: You think you have a problem? As the number of deaths increased, the hormonal injection, epinephrine, fell short in supplies in the hospital at an alarming rate. Gilbert does not have any nephews. She killed her patients by injecting them No suggestion was made by Gilbert that the Daubert principles should be applied to Koenig's testimony. After finishing his shift on September 30, Perrault went to the local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Club about midnight. Here, the witnesses were both familiar with Gilbert's voice and therefore had a solid basis for their opinion that the taped voice was Gilbert's, and the defense was free to bring out on cross-examination any aspects of suggestiveness, including the pretrial exposure of the witnesses to the tape. Koenig delivered the tape he created (exhibit 44) to the government on Sunday, January 11, which immediately provided the defense with a copy of it and a statement of Koenig's proposed testimony. We first note that there was no mention of a positive identification of Gilbert's voice in the government's opening. I think the fact is that the evidence of the other investigation is connected to this case in a way that really makes it part of the Government's proof of the actual act that has been charged. "I'd rather see her just sit in jail," said Nancy Cutting, the widow of veteran Kenneth Cutting. He described the voice as strange, male-sounding and distorted. In its opening statements, The New York Times reported at the time, the prosecution said Gilbert killed her victims in order to show off her nursing skills and impress James Perrault, who would be called in any emergency situation. After a lengthy pre-trial conference on the instructions to be given to the jury, the following instruction was given at the outset of the trial: Here is my preliminary instruction to you. The prosecutor in her case, Assistant US Attorney William M. Welch II, asserted that Gilbert used these emergency situations to gain the attention of then-boyfriend Perrault,[18] a VA police officerhospital rules required that hospital police be present at any medical emergency. On the weekend prior to trial, the prosecutor was fooling around with exhibit 13 on a play back tape recorder. [15][25][26] At the time of her arrest, she lived in Setauket, New York.[12][27]. A fingerprint from Gilbert's right index finger was lifted from the telephone receiver at the Tasty Top phone booth. The telephone calls on exhibit 13 were tape-recorded messages; the messages had been pre-recorded on the Talkboy, and then played back at a slower speed. Shortly after he was released from the hospital, Kristen left her husband and children for Perrault. Id. stood trial for calling in a bomb threat to the Northampton VAMC to retaliate against coworkers and former boyfriend James Perrault (who also worked at the hospital) for their . I'm a true crime writer and podcast producer. I did it. After being released, and upon learning that Perrault was cooperating with investigators, she called in a bomb threat at the Northampton VAMC, for which she was later arrested and sentenced to 15 months in jail, according to the Los Angeles Times. It was then that she began an extramarital affair with James Perrault. Kristen was sentenced to life imprisonment on three counts of first-degree murder, one count of second-degree murder, and two counts of attempted murder. Section 1962(a) prohibits the acquisition of any interest in, or the establishment or operation of, any enterprise which is engaged in, or the activities of which affect, interstate or foreign commerce.. We think that the district court's handling of this surprise evidence treated Gilbert fairly under the circumstances. Above average intelligence- graduated early with good grades and high honors, has high IQ College Educated- attended three colleges and received a diploma in nursing Socially Competent- admired by her peers at work, had many boyfriends . Of the myriad patients she injected, Gilbert was found to have successfully murdered four former soldiers Henry Hudon, Kenneth Cutting, Edward Skwira, and Stanley Jagodowski with epinephrine, though prosecutors suspect there were many more murders that went undetected. Perrault also testified that Gilbert used to grind her hips into him during medical emergencies. At FindLaw.com, we pride ourselves on being the number one source of free legal information and resources on the web. Prosecutors said she waited until her colleague independently spotted the patient's difficulty before raising an alarm. The VAMC did not receive any more telephone calls from the anonymous caller after October 1st. It may, however, be admissible for other purposes, such as proof of motive, opportunity, intent, preparation, plan, knowledge, identity, or absence of mistake or accident. He worked from 3 p.m. until 11 p.m. and the two often went to have drinks with other workers at the end of their shifts. V). Gilberts presence around death in the hospital didnt let up. William Welch said Gilbert provoked medical emergencies so she could respond and attract the attention of peers and James Perrault, her boyfriend who worked as . On the same evening, there were unidentified phone calls made to various departments of the VAMC. Beginning around February 1996, seven months before the bomb threat charged by the Government in this case, an independent investigation began about certain possible wrongdoing at the VA. That separate investigation had nothing to do with the charge in this case. Gilbert left the courtroom without comment. She told a co-worker that maybe they ought to investigate Gilbert's nursing supervisor. In the summer of . Moreover, Gilbert had been furnished a copy of exhibit 13 over a year prior to trial. And proof of motive is one of the purposes for admitting evidence that would be otherwise excludable under Rule 404(b). They also noticed a shortage of epinephrine, a drug that Oxygen describes as one that can save lives or end them if not used properly. She was also accused of trying to kill three others. She also pointed out that she would be severely prejudiced because of the short amount of time she had to prepare for his testimony. In 1998, Kristen Gilbert, a nurse often referred to as the "Angel of Death," was indicted on four counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder. An undated yearbook photo of Gilbert, the killer VA nurse. Perrault had become aware of the pretty night nurse who was on duty for some of the hospitals most distressing events. You wanted to know. Julia Hudon, 67, and Christine Duquette, 43, mourning the loss of their son and brother, Henry Hudon, murdered by Kristen Gilbert. [] September 14, 2019 CRJ 305 - Fall 2019 Essay 2 Explain the general facts of the case and the holding while defining guilty by reason of insanity, the M'Naghten Rule and the Irresistible Impulse Test. She would then respond to the coded emergency, often resuscitating the patients herself. That fall, Gilbert checked herself into psychiatric hospitals seven times, staying between one and ten days each time. Instead, Kristen Gilbert received four consecutive life sentences, and the Angel of Death, spends the rest of her days behind bars in Texas. The Witnesses. The victims' families are split on a death sentence. Soon after, she landed a job at Northamptons. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. On arriving at Springfield, Perrault used a parking garage that he and Gilbert had used on prior occasions. A pen register was installed on Gilbert's phone on September 26, after the bomb threat. Because, however, the admission of the voice identification was not error, we need not decide whether it would have been harmless error. After listening again to the taped calls made on September 26, Perrault noticed that certain tones of the caller sounded very familiar. I killed those guys," according to The Boston Globe. 2243, 53 L.Ed.2d 140 (1977), cf. Co-workers were taken aback by the couples unprofessional public displays of affection. United States v. Samalot Perez, 767 F.2d 1, 4 (1st Cir.1985). Please logout and login again. I, 8, cl. She once even left an ex-boyfriend a note in which she claimed to have eaten glass and lied about a suicide attempt. I did it! 3. Beginning in the summer of 1995, Gilbert befriended James Perrault, a hospital police officer whose work schedule roughly corresponded to hers and whose duties required him to respond to medical emergencies in Ward C. By fall, Gilbert was having an extramarital affair with Perrault. Kristen Gilbert went on trial in November 2000 for the deaths of Cutting, Skwira and two others, as well as three counts of attempted murder. Goodbye. Glenn Gilbert described the voice as an altered voice, an almost haunting voice.. it is not obvious gilbert's motives for the killings. The calls were made by someone who knew Perrault's work schedule, which Gilbert did. Prosecutors said Gilbert injected patients with overdoses of epinephrine -- synthetic adrenaline -- sending their hearts racing out of control. 922(q)(1)(A)(1988 ed., Supp. As a result, Film Daily reports that Gilbert quit her job. By fall, Gilbert was having an extramarital affair with Perrault. Create your free profile and get access to exclusive content. Gilbert denied that she was responsible for the damage to Perrault's car, but admitted she had been in the parking lot prior to and after the bomb threat to the VAMC on September 26, 1996. In late July 1995, 66-year-old Stanley J. Jagodowski was admitted to the hospital for postoperative bowel obstructions. Prior to giving the jury instruction the court made the following rulings. Friends and former beaus, however, said she was also a habitual liar, thief and manipulative person. The renowned US nurse serial killer Kristen Gilbert was born on the 13th of November, 1967 (Holmes & Holmes, 2009). 1624. Gilbert telephoned in a bomb threat to attempt to derail the investigation. Her relationship with Perrault by then was on its last legs, and in July 1996, she was institutionalized after a suicide attempt. James Perrault During the fall she began having an affair with him. ", Her mother, Claire Jagadowski, also said she didn't care if Gilbert were convicted of first degree or second degree murder, "as long as she pays.". Evidence of other crimes, wrongs or acts is not admissible to prove the character of a person in order to show action in conformity therewith. I did it. Oxygen dove into the case of Kristen Gilbert during its two-night special, "Snapped Notorious: Prescription for Death.". Perrault agreed to call Gilbert from the security desk at VAMC, which he did at 5:00 p.m. At 6:37 p.m. the VAMC received an unidentified phone call in the same voice as the others. SPRINGFIELD -- A former nurse at a veterans hospital was convicted yesterday of murdering four patients with drug injections in what prosecutors said was an attempt to impress her boyfriend with the way she handled emergencies. With her marriage crumbling, Film Daily reports that she allegedly tried to poison her husband. The supposed wrongdoing involved something else entirely. Kristen Gilbert (born November 13, 1967 as Kristen Strickland in Fall River, Massachusetts) is an American serial killer who was convicted for three first-degree murders, one second-degree murder, and two attempted murders of patients admitted for care at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in Northampton, Massachusetts. tavistock london psychotherapy,